Bigg Boss 15: Devoleena Bhattacharjee lashes out at Abhijit Bichukale, later apologises

scene starts with the ‘Ring Of Ticket To Finale Task’ which will help one VIP contender among Rashami Desai, Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Abhijit Bichukale, Rakhi Sawant, and her better half Ritesh to get immediate passage into the finale week. In the first round, Tejasswi Prakash wins the undertaking as her sack was the heaviest. Nonetheless, Devoleena excludes her guaranteeing the Nishant Bhat, who was conveying Devoleena’s sack was not cycling as expected. While every one of the Non-VIPs let them know that they are by and large senseless as this way they will not find the opportunity to go into finale week and lose their cash also, in any case, the VIPs stay unyielding in their choice.

Later on, Bigg Boss reports that while the choice of the VIPs will be regarded, they actually lose 10 lakhs from their excess prize cash. Also, since the Non-VIPS didn’t get the chance to arrange which VIP part to dispense with in that round, the VIPs should go to a choice dependent on greater part or shared understanding. Abhijit Bichukale says that he would rather not take anyone’s name and approves of whatever the others choose. Devoleena, Rashmi, Rakhi, and Ritesh take Abhijit’s name, due to which, he gets disposed of from the game and loses the opportunity to win Ticket To Finale. After a couple of seconds, while everyone anticipates the beginning of the following round in the nursery region, Abhijit claims that Devoleena never stands firm for him. This enrages an all around bothered Devoleena as she needed to endure the worst part of the Non-VIPs making fun of many her prior choice. Abhijit’s remark infuriates Devoleena and she charges towards him and says that it was an aggregate choice and not hers alone. Additionally, she likewise says that it was he was considering manipulating Rashami, and not her. Abhijit answers saying Devoleena and Rashami have plotted this together. Hearing this, Devoleena curses at Abhijit while Rashami removes her.

Later on, Devoleena separates and lets Rashami know that she regards Abhijit and despite the fact that she doesn’t care for a portion of the things he says, she actually regards him. She likewise lets Rashami know that she has been truly regretting utilizing oppressive language for Abhijit. A couple of seconds after the fact, Devoleena goes to Abhijit and apologizes to him. He tells her that she’s a decent entertainer and inquires as to whether her tears are genuine. He likewise lets Devoleena know that she has harmed him.

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