Bigg Boss 14: Salman Khan schools Aly and Rahul for bullying Rakhi

Around evening time’s scene denotes the most recent End of the week Ka Vaar of Bigg Supervisor 14 and it has accompanied new turns for the challengers. The show will observer Salman Khan giving his perspectives about the competitors’ presentation during the pass to finale task. While the whiz will be all commendations for Rubina Dilaik, Nikki Tamboli and Rakhi Sawant, it will be Rahul Vaidya and Aly Goni who were on his radar this time. Indeed, the whiz is likewise of the assessment that Aly has been introducing his ally Jasmin Bhasin in an awful light. Thus, right away, how about we know in detail what all occurred in the Bigg Supervisor 14 house on February 13, 2021.

10:45 PM: Every candidate in the game is of the assessment that they merit the principal spot right now. While Aly safeguards himself on first spot, Rahul accepts he come up short on the energy. Then again, Devoleena is vexed as she is being positioned diversely while Eijaz is given various positions. Following this, Rubina gets first position followed Rahul, Aly, Nikki, Rakhi and Devoleena separately.

10:30 PM: Rahul apologizes to Rakhi for being inconsiderate to her. Then again, Aly has a go at disclosing his point again to Jasmin for not destroying the cash sum. Presently it is the ideal opportunity for the housemates to rate their exhibition and give themselves the situation from 1-6 and Aly, Rakhi, Rubina, Rahul, Nikki and Devoleena are seen examining about the equivalent.

10:10 PM: Next on Salman’s radar is Vindu Dara Singh, who had gone into the house as Rakhi’s ally. The Dabangg star feels that Vindu has been demotivating her during the errand as opposed to supporting her. Later Salman likewise trusts Aly has been introducing Jasmin in awful light while the last has been persistently supporting her. While Aly takes a stab at shielding himself, Salman trusts Jasmin has been giving him a rude awakening.

09:47 PM: The whiz asked Rahul and Aly for what valid reason Rakhi has been on their radar and menaces her. While they have their own assessment, Rahul indeed loses his quiet to which Salman takes an agree at him once more. Salman was in full help of Rakhi and her contentions in the house. The genius accepts that the two have been harassing her and it is obviously noticeable. Nonetheless, Jasmin accepts nobody can menace Rakhi.

09:39 PM: Salman asks Rahul’s assessment in the matter and takes a clever correspond at Aly for rehashing Rahul’s words. Both Rahul and Aly were of the assessment that Rakhi shouldn’t have destroyed the sum. Salman’s discloses the highlight Rahul an Aly and requests them to peruse the principles from the errand indeed to refute where they went.

09:27 PM: Salman hails Rubina and Nikki for their condition. While the hotshot commended Rubina’s work during pass to finale task, he was intrigued by Nikki’s unqualified help for Rubina. Later he additionally commended Rakhi for her enthusiasm to make it to the finale week. The discussion didn’t expect here. Salman tested Rubina about not supporting Rakhi during the destroying of the cash task. It was obvious that Salman had adored Rakhi’s reasonable expectations for making it to the finale week.

09:18 PM: Salman examines the names given to the allies. While Jasmin didn’t get any title, Salman asks Rubina which title she ought to get to this, the woman says ‘Machis ki tili’. In any case, Aly feels she is the mainstay of solidarity. Afterward, Salman attacks Aly for not partaking in giving the title task.

09:06 PM: Salman gives a brief look at the continuous undertaking wherein the housemates need to give various titles to the ally. The housemates are offering their thoughts about various titles and which suits which ally. In the midst of this, Paras and Devoleena get into a contention and the entertainer is of the assessment that Paras didn’t uphold her during the pass to finale to task.

09:00 PM: Salman graces the stage for season’s last End of the week Ka Vaar and reports that post the show he will being dealing with Pathan, Tiger, Kabhi Eid Kabhi Diwali and different motion pictures. He likewise uncovered that Bigg Supervisor 14 will have its great finale one week from now

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