Bigg Boss 14 Rahul Vaidya on being offered TV: I am not schooled for 12 hours a day kind of shift

Bigg Supervisor 14 hopeful Rahul Vaidya has been in the news since the time his stretch on the show finished up. The artist has been keeping occupied with his darling Disha Parmar while additionally taking care of numerous work responsibilities. Truth be told, he additionally guaranteed that he has 2 singles coming in soon.

In a new discussion with The Hours of India, Rahul got talking about the reports about him chipping away at an unscripted TV drama, in addition to other things. He referenced how he was offered a top Network program post BB14, in any case, he needed to turn it down in light of the fact that he doesn’t see himself doing a 12-hour move that is required for a television sequential.

He further added how others have all been doing music recordings, and him, being an artist, that is the thing that he does. Thus, he is hoping to make music and recordings. While he said he isn’t educated for 12 hours every day sort of move, he said that his timetable is fairly flighty on the grounds that music is that way, and he keeps awake at evenings while dozing during the day.

Concerning being offered jobs as an entertainer, he says that he is happy that on account of Bigg Chief, individuals don’t take a gander at him similarly as an artist, yet in addition outwardly, presumably as an entertainer also. He likewise offered thanks for having the option to get all the affection from have Salman Khan, in addition to other things, and reviewed how he revealed to him that the perfect picture he is reclaiming from the house will get him more regard. He closed by saying that he is appreciative that he could keep his head high given how the show frequently rescues the most noticeably awful once again from individuals.

On the work front, Vaidya will before long be found in a music video with Parmar and he likewise began the account for his next single as of late, photographs of which have been doing the rounds.

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