Bigg Boss 14: Disha Parmar has a sharp retort for a Rahul Vaidya hater who says, ‘Rahul ke bacche ki maa mat bano’

Bigg Manager 14 is getting force. Rahul Vaidya’s woman love Disha Parmar looks as much a challenger of the show as others. There is such a lot of discussion about her on the show. She has been steady in her help for Rahul Vaidya in the rest of the world. Occasionally back, Disha Parmar posted her image where she is seen glancing damn beautiful in a white tee and denims. One savage who appears to despise Rahul Vaidya remarked, “Rahul papu ko aap suit nahi karti, u r change tasteful, gorgeous u should zero in on your profession.. Rahul k bacche ki maa tangle bano.” Not one to accept things without a fight, Disha Parmar answered back, “Who do you think you are to remark on what I do or don’t do?”His mother, Geeta Vaidya had visited the house for the family week. Rahul Vaidya got all enthusiastic subsequent to seeing her. He talked about the marriage. Geeta Vaidya said they had started little arrangements for the wedding. They are taking a gander at a date in June-July. She said that Disha would not like to wed in the burning summer. Rahul Vaidya had proposed to her on public television. This made her perhaps the most looked celebs on Google. His mother, Geeta Vaidya told, “My significant other and I are quick to see him settled down. Truth be told, some time back I additionally indicated him photographs and subtleties of certain young ladies from marital channels. He didn’t show any intrigue, and said he isn’t quick to wed. He knows Disha for some time now. Perhaps being inside the house gave him an opportunity to reflect and comprehend his emotions. We are enchanted.”

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