Bigg Boss 14, Day 94: Abhinav Shukla asks Rubina Dilaik to stop being a crybaby

Rubina and Arshi’s battle proceeds

Rubina Dilaik and Arshi Khan’s battle proceeds. Arshi trusts Rubina is ghamandi. Rubina says she is extremely pitiful throughout everyday life and the last calls her nalli. Rubina says she is the fakest challenger on any unscripted TV drama. Rubina opens up with Nikki. Abhinav requests that she not be a crybaby. Rubina says on the off chance that she is a whiny little child, at that point let her be. Abhinav says she never tunes in and says she is making a mole of the mountain. She requests that she back off a bit. With that, the scene closes. Conversation on food

Rakhi, Arshi, Sonali and Rubina talk about the mixture. Abhinav likewise joins. Arshi and Abhinav battle. Rahul requests that they quiet down. Abhinav makes fun of Arshi’s jargon. Arshi considers Rubina the essence of the channel. Rubina and Arshi’s battle proceeds. They participate in a battle of words. Rubina cautions her to not go upon her family. Rakhi makes fun of Arshi. Abhinav likewise gets down on her. Arshi calls Abhinav lallu. She requests that he pack their backs. Rakhi says pura Hindustan pati patni ko pasand karta hai while discussing Rubina and Abhinav. Conversation on Sonali

Jasmin Bhasin and Nikki Tamboli examine Sonali Phogat’s conduct. They additionally talk about Rakhi. Nikki says even Rahul Vaidya and Aly Goni play a part in inducing Sonali. Rakhi says for what reason isn’t anybody trying asking for what good reason Nikki didn’t make her bed. Rahul and Aly state for what reason should they play in the middle. Eijaz helps Arshi Khan out and the last says that she’ll do the bed so Rakhi washes the dishes. New day

Another day starts with Khudko Kya Samajhti Hai and housemates groove on the track from Khiladi. Aly and Arshi talk about housemates not performing their responsibilities. Rubina and Nikki talk about Arshi’s pitch. They examine Arshi how individuals control things. Sonali requests that housemates clean the counter in the wake of making eggs. Jasmin takes a correspond saying that they had caused the guidelines and they to have requesting that they follow the equivalent. Rakhi and Arshi battle. Rakhi requests that Arshi not touch her. Rakhi says that Eijaz won’t have the option to help her. Arshi goes insane Rahul and Aly hit Arshi with pads. Vikas requests that Rakhi move as they are play-battling. Vikas cautions them to not hit others. Rahul requests that Rakhi quiet down however the last hits back. She calls her jamura and so forth. Rakhi says individuals need TRP from her. Rakhi converses with Sonali. Eijaz attempts to make Rahul comprehend. Nikki cleans the room yet leaves Rakhi’s bed. Rakhi brings up and says that she won’t do dishes. Arshi volunteers. Housemates battle

Arshi, Nikki, Sonali, Rakhi continue battling about little things. Lights go off and Rakhi states her purpose behind not doing the dishes. Jasmin begins crying and leaves, Rakhi gets some information about her prosperity. Jasmin rests on the grass’ lounge chair. Vikas offers to requests that Rakhi stop yet Jasmin and Aly stop her. Arshi uncovers everything to Vikas. Sonali battle. Nikki says that Sonali needs an accomplice as far as Rakhi. Jasmin weeps hysterically and Aly quiets her down. Aly takes her inside however Arshi and Sonali keep on battling noisily. Aly demands Bigg Supervisor to call them in the admission room. Abhinav, Rubina join Aly and Jasmin and talk about how the housemates have negligence for the evil and deliberately yell. Aly needs to converse with Bigg Chief. Aly undermines that Bigg Supervisor calls him in the admission room else he won’t rest and he won’t allow anybody to rest. Vikas has a go at conversing with Rakhi. Jasmin cries and demands housemates to quiet down and allow her to rest however individuals continue raising their voices. Vikas and Rakhi talk and they make a ceasefire. Abhinav lashes out at Arshi. Regardless of Jasmin’s help, housemates proceed to talk.Rubina takes an agree at Arshi Khan. The last lashes out at her. Rubina calls her a joke. “Beizzati ho rahi hai teri, kyunki neeyam ki baat karti thi tu. (You are getting mortified. You used to discuss the standards)” She additionally adds saying that she ought not mess with her as she (Arshi Khan) will destroy her. “Log tujhse darte honge, principle nahi darti, samjhi? (Others will be terrified of you however I have no dread, got it?),” Arshi Khan adds. “Mazak hai tu,” Rubina Dilaik hit back at her. Arshi adds, “Zillat hai tu, stomach muscle to tera pati bhi gaya. (you are a disfavor. Presently, even your significant other is gone).” Rubina says that Arshi said that the channel had requested that she battle with her. Rubina and Arshi’s battle proceeds. Rakhi is incensed too. Abhinav requests that Arshi move away. Rubina leaves and Arshi follows. Arshi appreciates alarming her. Rubina calls her phony. Arshi Khan considers Rakhi a flipper and that she prompts individuals. Later on, Aly requests that Rahul converse with Sonali yet the last is unyielding. Rahul states his point. Afterward, Rubina asks Vikas Abhinav’s whereabouts. Arshi joins. Vikas and Arshi talk about the game. Vikas says that housemates and individuals believe that he is playing with Arshi Khan. Vikas says that he swears on his mom and says that he isn’t playing with Arshi. Arshi puts the choice on him. Afterward, Eijaz converses with Rakhi, Sonali and Arshi. Arshi considers Eijaz a compassion searcher. Eijaz leaves and Rakhi, Sonali battle with Arshi. Arshi calls Rakhi wahiyaat. Arshi requests that Sonali change her bed. The last denies. Arshi calls Rakhi nalli.

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