Bheede realises Guddu is a hoarder

Pandey ji asks Bheede for what reason he has such countless lemons stuffed and inquires as to whether he’s storing them. Bheede tells he would never do something like this. Pandey ji tells that whole tells precisely the same thing and asks how could he trust them. Bheede tells Pandey ji that he got it as a gift from some more peculiar so he will sell them. Pandey ji gets dubious. Bheede gets a call from Mr. Shetty so he inquires as to whether he can get it as this person owes him large chunk of change.

Pandey ji lets him know he can get it as he would require all the cash to involve it in court. Bheede gets the call and Mr. Shetty inquires as to whether he got the lemons he sent him. Bheede gets stunned and inquires as to whether he was the person who sent. He tells yes and tells he did it since he didn’t have cash to send him, so all things being equal, he chose to send him lemons so he can sell it and furthermore create a gain. Bheede puts the telephone on speaker and requests that he rehash. Mr. Shetty rehashes what he said and Pandey ji trusts Bheede and apologizes for not confiding in him. Bheede and Sodhi lets him know it’s fine as he was simply performing his responsibility. Pandey ji asks him who’s he offering this to. Bheede advises that somebody called Guddu Khateela is prepared to purchase. Pandey ji gets stunned and lets him know that he’s a hoarder and inquires as to whether they’ll assist with getting him. They concur and go to the nursery. Pandey ji and his group come in camouflage as regular citizens and save an eye for somebody wearing yellow shirt. Bheede and Sodhi trust that Guddu will come and they spot a man in yellow shirt.

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