BB 14: Vikas Takes a Dig at ‘Friends’ While Acknowledging Rashami’s Support

Bigg Manager 14 saw a hazardous End of the week Ka Vaar scene where nearly the whole scene was about Salman Khan slamming Arshi Khan for her remarks on Vikas Gupta.

Gupta’s expulsion from the show has been a steady idea at this moment and many are conjecturing that he will in fact be back in the show soon. It will occur. During his stretch in the show, Gupta wept hysterically on his ‘companions’ not going to bat for him at any occasion particularly during him coming out as cross-sexual.

Nonetheless, of late entertainer and previous Bigg Manager 13 candidate Rashami Desai has been vocal about her help for Gupta and she did so as of late once more. On that, Gupta recognized Desai’s help and showered love yet additionally attacked each one of those other ‘companions’ who never went to bat for him. He stated, “The companions I represented so gladly are not a single where in sight even in the wake of shouting to them however the ones I dint represent are the ones attempting to hold my hand to help me balance #RashamiDesai That is the way things are heaps of adoration #VikasGupta #Biggboss14”- By what means will Gupta’s reemergence plan out for Arshi Khan, we should keep a watch out.

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