Barkha Sengupta refutes reports of trouble in marriage with Indraneil Sengupta: ‘Neil and I are fine’

There have been continuous bits of gossip about the difficulty in the heaven of the couple Barkha and Indraneil Sengupta. According to reports, there has been a fracture in the marriage of the couple because of entertainer Indraneil’s closeness with his co-star in his forthcoming film, Ishaa Saha. The famous entertainer Barkha Sengupta conversed with BT and shared her perspectives on the continuous talk. She said, “I’m not treating this appropriately. Such tales become a vital part of your life when you are in showbiz. Neil and I have spoken about this and we don’t want to give it any importance. Neil and I are fine.”

The entertainer was inquired as to whether the talk has risen up out of her better half doing various Bengali motion pictures. She said that he is in Kolkata just when he has worked there, different occasions he is in Mumbai. She added that they are exceptionally occupied with their work and they are zeroing in on their work assignments.For the unversed, the gossip of an undertaking among Indraneil and Ishaa Saha began when they began doing a film together, named Tarulotar Bhoot. For the shoot of the film, the team needed to venture out to distant towns of West Bengal and they had remained there for quite a while.

On being gotten some information about the talk, Indraneil has said, “Barkha and I are doing totally fine, bless your heart. I don’t have the foggiest idea what is the wellspring of this, however every one of these are just bits of hearsay. The reports likewise asserted that I have been visiting Kolkata frequently. That is false. I travel to Kolkata just when there is work. The last time I was there, it’s anything but a shoot. My next Kolkata trip also will simply be for some work task. Barkha and I have a long vocation ahead and I am OK with such tales springing up now and again. There is no way around it.”

Entertainers Indraneil Sengupta and Barka are cheerfully hitched for as far back as 13 years and they have a nine-year-old girl.

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