Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2: Vedika’s plan fails

Vedika tells she doesn’t need everybody to know reality and tells in the event that Ram stays he can’t tell anything to Priya. Smash concurs and Vedika thinks her old enthusiastic Ram is back. Akshay descends and Nandini shouts at Mamiji to deal with her wellbeing as opposed to eating garbage. Smash asks Vedika for what reason she didn’t discuss her sentiments to him and inquires as to whether she’s as yet infatuated with Shashi and tells it’s fine on the off chance that she actually cherishes him as even he sees how capricious love is. Smash tells there isn’t any here and there switch for adoration and teenagers even he doesn’t have any idea when he turned his off and continued on. Vedika becomes irate and behaves like getting lightheaded.

Mamiji asks Nandini for what valid reason’s she reprimanding her. Nandini requests that Akshay tell Mamiji as he’s a coach and he knows better. Akshay tells Nandini is correct and Nandini requests that Akshay be Mami’s mentor. Priya asks why Ram didn’t accompany her to the physiotherapy. Nandini asks why Ram and Vedika haven’t as yet shown up. Vedika gets back home and Nandini asks where’s Ram and Vedika tells he’s with Priya and Akshay grins. Priya completed her physiotherapy and gets astounded seeing Ram. Slam apologizes for being late and the medical caretaker lets them know that the specialist needs to talk about something with them. Slam alarms and Priya requests that he quiet down.

The specialist comes and Ram asks what’s in the report. Priya requests that he let the specialist complete. The specialist tells the reports are typical. Slam asks assuming that they’re messed around and for what reason they couldn’t tell this prior. Afterward, Ram lets Nandini know that he observed Vedika crying out and about. Nandini tells he should tell Priya. Priya dreams regarding Mahender and her discussions. Vedika asks Ram what’s going on with’s he. Vedika requests that Ram come into her room and Akshay sees that and considers what’s going on.

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