Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2: Nandini plots to take revenge

Priya tells Sara and Vikrant that Ram has a weakness. In the interim Ram lets his companions know that he’s against Vikrant. He lets them know he doesn’t believe that the Sood family should show signs of life once more. From one of Priya’s understudies a liquor bottle drops out. She becomes more acquainted with that it’s her father’s and her father beats her. Slam returns home and inquires as to whether she ate. She lets him know that she had a similar bad dream about Shivina. He guarantees her he’s there for her. Nandini believes she’s fed up with playing the damaged mother job yet she needs to do it to get all that she needs. She believes that quite a while back she disposed of Priya and presently she needs the property.

Priya converses with Aditi’s mother however her mother acts oblivious and says she’s mixed up. Priya advises her to support her girl. She tells her that she’s inciting her and starts shouting. The neighbors come and she illuminates them that Priya was in prison. Priya tells the landowner not to tell Pihu. The proprietor advises her to leave in 60 minutes. Pihu asks Priya for what valid reason they are moving. She tells her this is on the grounds that they love voyaging. Pihu gets invigorated. In the mean time Ram beverages and ponders his arrangement. A young lady goes along with him and plays with him. He says I like you and you like my cash and that this is an ideal connection to begin. Priya and Pihu eat frozen yogurt in a recreation area. Smash gives Shwetha an epithet as Meera. He tells her his card has no restriction. Priya feels that she’ll satisfy sure that Pihu will continuously be regardless of whether she has just less stuff.

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