As ‘Shaurya Aur…’ goes off-air, Sooraj Thapar already bags another show

The devotees of very mainstream show Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani keep on communicating their skepticism that their number one show is without a doubt going behind closed doors after just running for around 7 months.

And keeping in mind that, numerous entertainers would be on the pursuit to track down their next projects straightaway, one entertainer from the show as of now has it fixed and has been bolted on for an impending show.

We are discussing entertainer Sooraj Thapar, who is a piece of Shaurya Aur… also, has now stowed another show. Reports propose that Thapar has been roped in to assume a significant part in makers Shashi Mittal and Sumeet Mittal’s forthcoming show, which is likewise supposed to be a change of a Bengali show.

Thapar will be seen playing the dad to entertainer Shagun Pandey’s person, who plays the male hero. Ashi Singh, who is most popular for her job in Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai reunites with Shashi-Sumeet and will be seen playing the female hero.

The new show is as yet untitled and is supposed to be about Singh’s person who plans to get a motivation at her age.

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