Arhaan Behll on shooting with Pooja Gor: We didn’t feel like we were shooting after 9 years

In discussion with us is gifted entertainer Arhaan Behll who is spellbinding watchers by and by as Krishna Singh in the recently dispatched period of ‘Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya’ on Star Bharat. He talked about his profit from TV, his character, and significantly more.

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How has your character Krishna created when contrasted with the main season?

As a story advances, a character also watches out for grandstand change. The story has now moved 9 years further, and since Krishna is presently 9 years more established than he was, everything has developed. He is currently much full grown and a dad of two children. Additionally, there is a steady endeavor from Pratigya to make him a decent man, with the goal that he doesn’t go abhorrent or an appalling way. At first, in the primary season, Krishna was viewed as an individual with lessened expectation, however now he isn’t anything in contrast with that. He has scheduled himself clean for his family however he absolutely yet has his trigger focuses.

Inform us concerning the different arrangements that you have attempted for your character in this season?

At first, in the last season, it was hard to pick the correct notes to play Krishna as the actual character is exceptionally crude and has different shades. In spite of the fact that, I love difficulties and I unequivocally trust it pushes you for your best. Krishna as a character is exceptionally intricate, and to bring it fine to the screen I needed to chip away at the layers of the character. Every one of these endeavors that I had placed in to fabricate my character in the last season have assisted me with attempting it by and by. In any case, there are a couple of changes and components that I have added and worked upon my character since the show returns following 9 years with a created story. Other than that, I have been running after losing some weight in spite of the fact that there are no significant changes.

Your science with Pooja was broadly valued, do you believe that the crowd will observer a similar sorcery indeed in season 2?

At the point when we shot our first scene just about 9 years after the fact, we didn’t feel like we were shooting together after such countless years. We surely didn’t feel any sort of pressing factor either, everything went on normally as we share an extraordinary compatibility. The science between us is as yet alive. We share a well disposed bond and are strong of one another. It’s a fun and positive zone. In spite of the fact that to be straightforward, the judgment lies with the crowd as we will currently be viewed as guardians in the show.

Did you face any difficulties while trying this job indeed?

There weren’t any significant difficulties that I needed to go through this time since trying Krishna was somewhat of a simple assignment. Everything was quite normal as Krishna resembles someone else inside me, it resembled muscle memory that came out following 9 years. I would say, I didn’t need to do a lot to draw out the character. Notwithstanding, there are a couple of changes and components that I have added and worked upon.

What are your assumptions from the show ‘Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2’?

The crowd had showered a great deal of adoration on the primary season and furthermore sat tight for quite a while for the second period of the show to get back to see Krishna and Pratigya together again on their television screens. Presently all I expect is that we meet and satisfy the assumptions for the crowd who had been sitting tight for us for so long.

Might you want to make an impression on the crowd for your benefit?

I might want to thank everybody for the superb wishes and messages that we have been getting from the nation over. Our show is something to anticipate, so I’d prefer to accept this open door and urge more watchers to tune in and watch this show.

All things considered, it would appear that the show has been doing genuinely well all things considered and fans are certain intrigued to realize what is in store ahead!

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