Anupamaa: Malvika receives a surprise in the park

Anupama takes Malvika to the recreation area and is astonished to see Shahs and Anuj moving and inviting her. Malvika apologizes to them as she was unable to come to the party. Pakhi tells her that it’s fine as they could begin the party promptly toward the beginning of the day. Vanraj recommends Malvika to begin once more as it’s new year and attempt to live on from before. The Shahs advise her to track down joy in the littlest of things and attempt to fail to remember her past as it’s important to push forward. Then, at that point, everybody wish a glad new year.

Everybody partakes in the cookout. Anupama inquires as to whether Rakhi is fine. Toshu tells she was feeling wiped out so Kinjal needed to leave. Anuj says the party credit go to Anupama and everybody expresses gratitude toward her for the quality time. Malvika expresses gratitude toward Anupama for her backing. Anupama requests that Anuj finish his morning meal and he tells her that he’s putting on weight as a result of her and the two of them chuckle. Anupama advises Anuj to get Malvika counseled by a therapist. Anuj tells there’s a ton of disgrace with respect to emotional well-being.

Pakhi converses with somebody and lets them know she will illuminate the family by today. Vanraj and Anuj leave for a gathering however Anupama stresses on the off chance that something may turn out badly. In the house, Bapuji says for what reason is Vanraj destroying his marriage with Kavya. Baa says Kavya is anything but a decent individual and Bapuji tells assuming they pardoned Vanraj, they ought to excuse Kavya also. Pakhi advises Anupama that she needs to go to US for studies and requests that she persuade Baa and Bapuji.

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