Anupamaa actor Apura Agnohotri: I feel the reason many are opting for OTT over TV is because of relatability

Following a break of two years, Apurva Agnihotri is glad to be back on his home turf. His entrance in the famous progressing fiction Anupamaa came as a charming shock to his fans. The entertainer plays the personality of Dr. Advait Khanna in the show.

Appreciating all of this new excursion, Agnihotri says it’s his adoration for Rajan Shahi, the maker of the show that made him accept up this open door. “At the point when he portrayed the entire character diagram, I discovered it very energizing. Dr. Advait Khanna has numerous perspectives, layers to him. Ideally, we will investigate every one of those layers in the scenes ahead,” he says.

Agnihotri, be that as it may, is a great deal like his onscreen symbol, all things considered. He additionally fantasies about having a farmhouse some place away in the mountains or perhaps in Goa, where he would do natural cultivating, relax with loved ones, help individuals, ride cruisers, etc. “The joyful glad kind of life without any strain, in a consistent condition of rapture is the thing that I hunger for similar as him,” he adds.

This is the third time Agnihotri is working together with Shahi. They had before worked in Sapna Babul Ka…Bidaai and Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin. “Rajan is one of the best individuals and makers I have worked with. There is a lot of affection, regard and shared adoration. It’s in reality difficult to accept that a few makers on Indian TV can be so decent, trust me I’ve worked with a ton of them. I simply wish him the best from my heart, he genuinely merits it,” he says, additionally showering acclaims on his co-entertainers.

“Sudhanshu [Pandey] and I stay in a similar structure and offer great science, and I met Rupali [Ganguly] interestingly on the show. I need to say that not just the two of them, Paras and the wide range of various children, so, yet the whole unit is additionally sweet and mindful. I have worked with a portion of the group individuals in Bidaai, so this resembles a gathering,” he shares.

Agnihotri feels Anupamaa is a milestone show on Indian TV as numerous ladies are relating to the story which is colossal and is something troublesome to accomplish. “It regularly occurs with motion pictures that the whole nation is going gaga more than one single film, the entertainers are being followed, and so forth Something comparative is going on with Anupamaa,” says the entertainer, who made his television debut with Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin in 2003.

Discussing how the Media business has changed throughout the long term, the entertainer adds, “There are much more freedoms these days for everybody, from entertainers, chiefs to scholars. In the event that you have the ability, there’s a ton of degree for everybody. Huge firearms like Rajan, Ekta [Kapoor] have been accomplishing such a great deal intriguing work throughout the long term, they are just improving without fail. The business in entirety is changing for acceptable, all the more in this way, with the approach of OTT, things have just improved, more extensive. In any case, I feel the explanation many are picking OTT over television is on the grounds that content in the previous is more relatable. I trust Network program producers would take a sign,” he closes.

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