Angad Hasija To Play a Character Inspired from Diljit Dosanjh in Debut Punjabi Show

One can unquestionably not fail to remember entertainer Angad Hasija’s commended depiction of Alekh in the Star In addition to progress Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai longer than 10 years back. It has been quite a while and keeping in mind that the entertainer hasn’t been seen in long-running jobs he has still figured out how to cut a decent vocation with energizing characters in various Network programs throughout the long term. Also, presently, the entertainer is good to go to attempt his karma in the Punjabi media outlet, where he is good to go to make his presentation with Punjabi show, Tera Rang Chadeya.

What’s more, with regards to his character, the entertainer who hails from Chandigarh, as a general rule, will assume a job motivated by Punjabi vocalist and entertainer, Diljit Dosanjh.

Opening up on the equivalent to Bombay Times, he stated, “I am playing the personality of a Punjabi whiz. This is a character motivated by Diljit Dosanjh, in how he is a well known artist and entertainer like Diljit. At the point when I read about this character, I turned out to be promptly intrigued. To start with, in light of the fact that I am a gigantic devotee of Diljit and second since he is skilled. I think he has contributed a ton to making Punjabi films mainstream over the globe. This character has some negative characteristics too, however it is intriguing to play a Punjabi genius on screen.”

Interstingly, the job was offered to him back in January and opening up on the motivation to do a Punjabi show, he stated, “Since I am a Punjabi, I needed to accomplish something in Punjabi, particularly now, when there is so much acceptable substance being made in Punjabi. Likewise, I began my vocation in Punjab. I began doing music recordings, style shows there and used to visit Mumbai to participate in design shows and would speak to Punjab. It was on my list of things to get to make my introduction in Punjabi Program or movies.”

Another interesting viewpoint is that despite the fact that he is Punjabi, he had imagined that talking in Punjabi before the camera would be trying for him, however he is improving at it now. “At the point when I was remaining in Chandigarh, I would not talk in Punjabi, yet when I went to Mumbai, I made companions who might just address me in Punjabi, similar to the overseer of ‘Bidaai’, and few others. So I think I figured out how to talk in Punjabi due to my companions in Mumbai! At the point when this show was offered to me, I contemplated whether I would figure out how to talk in Punjabi, however as I started shooting, I understood that I am doing really well, am as yet improving at it,” says Angad, who is currently additionally wanting to do a Punjabi film soon. “I think this is only a start. After this, I would anticipate doing a Punjabi film.”

We want Hasija to enjoy all that life has to offer for the venture.

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