Ali Asgar and Vishal Kotian to team up after 22 years for ‘Akbar Ka Bal Birbal’

Star Bharat’s new programming endeavor to shine on more family based cheerful shows, ‘Akbar Ka Bal Birbal’ is a treat. The show stars Ali Asgar, Vishal Kotian, Charu Asopa and Aditi Sajwan in key jobs and rotates around Akbar played by Ali Asgar and Birbal played by Vishal Kotian.

Ali Asgar will before long engage crowd with his heavenly presentation as Akbar as we as a whole know him for doing consecutive famous parody shows. Ali knows the class well and will totally do equity to the character. It would be a flat out treat to watch Ali playing a solid character and we will have the option to see him in an alternate outfit as well. Talking about the equivalent, Ali stated, “Akbar Ka Bal Birbal is a sort of show I have been sitting tight for since quite a while. The show is brimming with amazements and I feel respected to play a solid character like Akbar. Vishal is an incredible co-star and we frequently examine our contents off screen and can’t help thinking about how all around made it is at such difficult occasions. On the off chance that I could make my crowd grin with my exhibition it would fulfill me consequently. I am anticipating crowds responses on the show.”

Vishal Kotian who has assumed a plenty of parts on TV is truth be told assuming the function of Birbal again and having an encounter to play various characters all through his TV vocation he is cheerful to assume a job like Birbal. He stated, “I believe I am honored as an entertainer as I had the chance to depict Birbal not once yet twice. I feel as an entertainer it is my obligation and duty to engage crowd during such difficult stretches. I am thrilled to impart the screen to our own personal ‘Ruler of Parody – Ali’ aside from being a brilliant co-star we have built up an incredible bond as well. In the wake of assuming assortment of jobs I have an inclination that I am back home with satire as a type. I can hardly wait for crowds’ steady help and love as usual”

Ali and Vishal both have a comprehension of the class and it is incredible to see both of them depict the authentic jobs and enchant the crowd with their presentation.

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