Abhishek Awasthi responds to Rakhi’s allegations of cheating

Entertainer Rakhi Sawant keeps on being the idea in Bigg Manager 14 for the good and bad seasons similarly. She might be pummeled for numerous things however she is the thing that this momentum season has been particularly for the recent months.

In the new scenes, Sawant made a claim about her ex undermining her. As one would recall, Sawant was involved with Abhishek Awasthi where they even partaken in Nach Baliye. In any case, their separation was likewise quite possibly the most questionable things to occur and that was the last time Awasthi made an explanation on the it.

Presently, the entertainer is cheerfully hitched with Chandrakanta entertainer Ankita Goswami however this claim by Sawant has provoked him to approach and issue an explanation once more.

In a visit with ETimes, Awasthi said, “My better half, Ankita, was extremely disturbed. She asked me for what reason Rakhi raised my name when I never discussed her or put her in a terrible light. I had no response to it. I’m a hitched man and don’t have any desire to examine my past or tattle about individuals related with it. I have a stunning spouse and have two families to reply to now, so it isn’t right when somebody expresses offensive things about you on public television, particularly when I have never reviled her. What Rakhi did was very awful. I surmise that is the manner by which she is and this is the way I am.”r

Discussing the allegation, he said, “What she said was ridiculous. I never talk about her. At the point when somebody discloses to me something awful about her, I reveal to them that this isn’t the Rakhi I know. In actuality, she is a totally different individual. We have meandered the world together, made some extraordinary memories, and shared a great deal of recollections. I have no clue about this ‘companion’ that she referenced on the show, what my identity should have had a hurl with. Keeping aside my solid worth framework, I didn’t have the guts to undermine her! Advise me, which young lady will try to date me when I’m with Rakhi Sawant? (chuckles!). There is no young lady that daring! Rakhi guaranteed that she found me in the act on multiple events. Do you think a young lady, who finds her beau undermining her, will pardon him in a split second?”

He added, “The producers and the channel ought to have pondered me prior to circulating these claims. It’s off-base that one individual says something and the whole world trusts it and you continue to play that on TV. It can make harm my standing and influence my life antagonistically.”

Besides, he said, “The facts confirm that she has consistently carried on with her life in the public eye. Yet, since the previous few years, an inexpensiveness has leaked in which was never there. The recordings she delivered manhandling individuals… who does that? You’re a superstar and God has favored you with such countless fans. With all that she has experienced, she merits all the satisfaction. However, while engaging individuals, she in the long run accomplishes something so off-base that all that great gets demolished. Indeed, even in Bigg Chief, what she is doing now isn’t decent. Any self-regarding individual would abstain from participating in any contention with her. There is no denying the way that she is a performer and an awesome one at that, however she doesn’t have the foggiest idea where to take a stand. She doesn’t understand when the amusement transforms into inexpensiveness. I have imparted a few lovely recollections to her which I will treasure for a lifetime. Be that as it may, the Rakhi I knew was not this individual. She was distinctive in those days.”

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