Aahana Kumra: “We Girls Don’t Get The Chance To Play Characters Of Athletes That Much”

Entertainer Aahana Kumra needs to work in a games film. She says, considering the actual wellness she has acquired during the lockdown, she is set up to take up such a job.

“It is a decent an ideal opportunity for us to investigate various characters and substantial jobs because of the transformation in the computerized diversion space. Yet, I figure we young ladies don’t find the opportunity to play characters of competitors that much. I need to play a games star, be important for a games film in which I get an opportunity for actual change,” Aahana revealed to IANS.”Sports films on ladies are far and not many in the middle. In our film, a great deal of female characters are composed and projected as ‘impressive’. I like that as well, however I wish that authors and chiefs tap into this side of stories, as well. We will play cops, government officials or different experts in movies and shows however depicting a games star would be energizing. It would permit me to join my actual wellness and expertise of acting in execution, in narrating. During the lockdown, I have acquired a specific actual strength,” Aahana Kumra added.Aahana Kumra will before long be found in “Call My Representative!”. She was as of late seen in Rohan Sippy’s sitcom “Sandwiched Always”, which dropped in the OTT space.

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