14 Phere

14 Phere film cast: Vikrant Massey, Kriti Kharbanda, Vinit Singh, Gauahar Khan, Jameel Khan, Yamini Das, Priyanshu Singh

14 Phere film chief: Devanshu Singh

14 Phere film rating: 1.5 stars

On paper, this story around two darlings attempting to connect an apparently unassailable station local area partition probably felt like a strong thought. You need to take a film which attempts to address probably the greatest fiendish which dishonorably keeps on upsetting Indian culture truly. However, not when 14 Phere goes at it’s anything but a way that reviews sincere school plays loaded up with newcomers playing to type.

The names are perfect. Vikrant Massey is Sanjay Lal Singh. Kriti Kharbanda is Aditi Karwasra. Him a ‘Rajput’, her a ‘Jatni’ facing their families who revel in full Capulet/Montague mode. You know the rest. His dad (Vinit Singh) glowers. His mom (Yamini Das) wrings her ‘pallu’. Her dad and sibling are glad adherents to the custom of pouring petroleum on adversaries and lighting up a match. The expression ‘honor killing’ is raised. How might Aditi and Vikram unite?Bit characters travel every which way in this tangled plot. Sanjay’s cousin makes a decent showing of a presumptuous youthful chap. Aditi’s sibling is acceptable at boast. Gauahar Khan jumps off the screen, even in her restricted, tragically unfleshed job. A portion of the accents are right on the money. However, between the since quite a while ago drawn, completely ludicrous thought of phony ‘baraatis’, and two ‘shaadis’ (in this manner, ‘chaudah phere’, geddit), there’s simply disarray. Also, the entire appears to be plain tedious.

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